Making Money with Etoro

Making money with Etoro is currently one of the hottest things on the Internet at the moment! Etoro is a social financial trading platform and has a variety of methods which can make you money. It is a very clever financial trading platform and I’m going to explain how it works!

Making money with Etoro is not just about being financially proficient¬† with the skills of a trader..¬† for those who are skilled traders, this does open up all the various ways to make money with Etoro but even if you aren’t a trader, you can make money and here’s how!

1. Make Money by Trading the Financial Markets

Ultimately, Etoro is a financial trading platform.. if you are an experienced trader and can trade your own funds, this is one of the methods which will work for you.

2. Make Money copying the Trades of Successful Traders

These is where the social media side of Etoro kicks in. Etoro has something called OpenBook which keeps tracks of all those who are trading with Etoro. You can see what people are trading, when they open and close trades etc. You don’t see how much money is in their account but you see percentage gains and/or losses. There are all sorts of ways to sort this data and there are tables to show which traders have made the highest gains in whatever timeframe you choose. Then after you have found some traders which you think suit your style of trading and are profitable, you click on the Copy button. This means that your account will now do exactly what your chosen trader is doing. When they open a trade, your account automatically opens the same trade and when it closes, you close also. Basically, you’re piggybacking off your chosen traders. So this is the second way you can be making money with Etoro!

3. Becoming a Guru

Etoro will pay you a fee for the number of people who copy your account. You may think that in order to be a guru you need to know about trading and able to place successful trades – true but also, if you are prudent and select the right people to follow and make a profit on your account, this will show in OpenBook. People can follow you because they trust your judgement with selecting the right people to follow.

The top guru’s earn a maximum of $10,000 a month!

The picture below shows the earnings per month you can be earning depending on the number of copiers you have:

etoro guru

4. Referring People to Etoro

You can also be making money with Etoro by referring new people to sign up to Etoro. Etoro are rather generous with their rates… for every friend you refer, you get $100 and even your friend gets $50 to go towards their account.

If you are a successful trader you’re laughing, making money with Etoro you will take full advantage of. Not only will you make money trading the financial markets the usual way but your success will mean that you will move up the social rankings and in turn, attract more copiers. The more copiers you get the more money you get as an additional bonus from Etoro. You can help your friends also by referring them to Etoro – they will copy you (making even more money for yourself) and they can benefit from your trading experience!

Even if you are not a financial trader but are able to keep on top of those you copy (you can follow up to 5 traders) you can enjoy the monthly bonus from Etoro.

If you want to have a look at Etoro you can visit their site by clicking here: